<h3 class=”uppercase”><span style=”font-size: 160%;”>DESIGNED FOR PRODUCTION</span></h3>
<h4>3DTek Industry Machine have been designed and configured with Production foremost in mind.   When its time to produce you need:</h4>
<li><strong>SIMPLICITY: </strong>Locally made and supported Masso Touch screen CNC Control systems with WIFI. Simple intuitive interface,  large uncluttered work focussed job preview &amp; control.  Fast startup &amp; job preparation. Works with all CAD and Cam softwares.</li>
<li><strong>RIGIDITY</strong>: Solid steel plate and RHS welded frames and gantries – nothing cast – to provide the rigidity needed and reduce vibration under heavy cutting loads.</li>
<li><strong>REPEATABILITY: </strong>Closed loop feedback, high resolution encoder servo motors – every part the right size in the right place every-time.</li>
<li><strong>VACUUM: </strong>Work holding at the flick of a switch – drop in new stock, initiate vacuum and produce parts – with out need for clamps or part tabs.</li>
<li><strong>AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGE (ATC): </strong>Automatically pickup, zero, and return tools without user intervention.</li>
<li><strong>AUTO TOOL LENGTH OFFSET: </strong>Automatic probing of tools upon replacement – relieving operator intervention or error.</li>
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